Intern Services

Now Accepting New Client Referrals for Our Intern Services

New clients who are open to seeing an intern are invited to send their New Client Referral Form to

Our intern services are offered at a sliding-scale fee rate of $0-$20 per session, depending upon what clients would prefer to pay at the time of each session. Clients are not expected or required to pay for intern services.

Meet Our Interns:

Claire Dean, Clinical Intern, University of New England
Claire is in the final year of her Master of Social Work program at the University of New England. She believes that the client-clinician relationship is the most important part of the therapeutic process, and strives to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for her clients. Claire utilizes a person-centered approach, and strongly believes in the power of the connection between mind, body, and Earth. Claire has worked with a wide variety of populations through her experience as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, and especially enjoys working with teens and adults.

Julia Howitt, Clinical Intern, University of Southern Maine
Julia has her undergraduate degree in Social Work and is in her final year of her Master of Social Work program, both from the University of Southern Maine. Julia has experience working with individuals who are unhoused, or have a history of being chronically homeless, and a range of mental health diagnoses. She has also done volunteer work with survivors of sexual assault and abuse, inmates struggling with substance use disorder, and asylum-seeking families as they transition from homelessness into housing. Julia employs a variety of modalities in her therapeutic approach, including mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and is interested in pursuing training in EMDR, hypnotherapy, and neurofeedback therapy.

Jenna Moen, Clinical Intern, University of Southern Maine
Jenna is in her final year of her Master of Social Work at the University of Southern Maine. Jenna aims to provide a space for clients that is safe, trusting, nonjudgemental, and trauma-informed. She is passionate about working with LGBTQ+ teens and adults and survivors of sexual violence. Jenna is open to working with individuals and couples, as well as consensually non-monogamous polycules. Jenna utilizes therapeutic modalities in her clinical practice such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), narrative therapy, radical acceptance, harm reduction, and other evidence-based, creative, mindful, and somatic approaches. Jenna is interested in pursuing a clinical path which would lead to her become a certified sex and relationship counselor.