In Celebration of Self-Love

Words & Artwork by Molly Stanley

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”   -Oscar Wilde  

Learning to love oneself is a lifelong journey; one of many challenges and reprieves. It spirals inward and outward with infinite potentiality in any direction we choose. In this process of allowing love to be received, both from ourselves and from outside sources, we learn which ways best communicate to us that we are honored and supported. Like the layers of the lotus, within a nourishing environment we can be encouraged to bloom and to revel in the beauty of being.

We can look to our choices to unveil the relationship we have with ourselves; are we making decisions out of love and encouraging our passions? Or are we doubting our capabilities out of fear of making a mistake or failing? A useful perspective to navigate these questions is to realize there is no failure in mistakes, there are only lessons to be learned. To transcend and evolve is to be open to those lessons, and to be kind and forgiving to ourselves in the process.

The ways in which we love ourselves are as vast and distinct as we all are, there is no wrong way to do so. When we make decisions from a place of honoring our self, we are choosing the things that nourish our body, mind, and soul. Perhaps we might take the time to breathe and re-center our self, creating space for a mindful moment. We could reflect on what we might be grateful for; gratitude can paint even the most mundane experience with magnificence. If we create this space of wellbeing and abundance within those moments, simultaneously we create a space to take care of ourselves.

Within that space there is boundless opportunity to invite healing and transformation. We are invited to listen to our heart, and to do the things that naturally bring us home within ourselves. The healing process teaches us that we are worthy of love, patience, and compassion throughout our journey. When we can embrace who we are we are liberated from the fear of being and grant ourselves permission to celebrate each day with mindful appreciation for All that we are.

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