Class Descriptions



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Gentle to Moderate Yoga/Drop-In Rate

This class is for students both new to yoga and ongoing students who would like to focus on learning and refining, both active and restorative, yogic postures with the use of props. This practice will build strength, increase flexibility, center the mind, and enhance energy flow. Each student will be given personalized instruction and variations for injuries when needed, as we work towards body alignment and awareness in movement.

Moderate Flow Yoga/Drop-In Rate

This class is for continuing yoga students who wish to challenge their stamina, strength, and flexibility. This practice will generally flow from posture to posture, following various intelligent sequences, and focusing on maintaining breath awareness and using props as needed. Multiple variations of each posture, as well as precise alignment cues, coax the student to mindfully move into more challenging postures–including inversions and back bends, with an emphasis on personal choice and safety.

Yin and Yang Yoga/Drop-In Rate

Vinyasa Flow and Yin fusion! This is a dynamic and well-rounded class offering that begins with a Vinyasa flow sequence and ends with Yin to relax and stretch the muscles, fascia, and joints. This is a Gentle to Moderate class, regular Drop-In rate.

Yin Yoga & Guided Meditation/Drop-In Rate

Yin Yoga is a slower paced practice that is focused on the more “Yin” parts of the body, such as the connective tissues (bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) as well as flexibility in the lower body. The postures are all practiced on the floor, either sitting or lying down, and are practiced for a longer period of time for a relaxing and slower paced class experience. This Yin practice will be followed by a Guided Meditation, leading into an extended Savasana.

Embodied Flow Yoga/Sliding-Fee Rates

An All-Levels, All-Bodies class offering that empowers each student’s intuition and centers each student’s choice as modalities for connection through intuitive and guided movement and Pranayama (breath work).
Sliding Fee Options: $5/$7/$10/$12/$15 or use of class card.

Yoga For All Bodies/Sliding-Fee Rates

Every body can practice yoga when it is taught in a manner that respects and celebrates differences and encourages building strength, flexibility, and self-acceptance. This safe, fun, and body-positive class is for students of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. Note: You do not have to be a specific size to attend, but this class will pay special attention to a practice that feels good and is safe for individuals with larger bodies. This is an All Levels Class: No Prior Yoga experience necessary.
Sliding Fee Options: $5/$7/$10/$12/$15 or use of class card.

Root to Rise Yoga/Sliding-Fee Rates

Root to Rise Yoga is the a wonderful way to prepare for the week ahead. This is a Gentle to Moderate Vinyasa flow class, with options to modify and adapt your practice as needed. In this class you will find ways to ground down and connect to the self, so that you may prepare to rise up and feel ready for the week ahead!
Sliding Fee Options: $5/$7/$10/$12/$15 or use of class card.

Slow Flow Intro to Yoga/Sliding-Fee Rates

An All-Levels, All-Bodies class offering that is perfect for beginners! In this Slow Flow Intro to Yoga class we will focus on alignment and how it feels to embody each Asana (posture) as we flow through the sequences at an accessible and adaptable pace for All. Modifications for each posture will be offered so that students may find what works best for them during their practice.
Sliding Fee Options: $5/$7/$10/$12/$15 or use of class card.

Yamuna Body Rolling®/Workshop Rate

Yamuna Body Rolling® is a unique self-care body work which uses patented balls of various sizes and densities to knead out body tension and tightness. The balls provide direct bone density stimulation, elongation and alignment of muscles, immediate feedback of where we are stuck, and a feeling of spaciousness in our joints. Yamuna Body Rolling® routines are helpful to release tension, break up fascial adhesions, lengthen and tone muscles and energize the whole body. No prior experience needed. *Please Note: The specialty pay-per-session rate of $25 applies to all YBR® workshops, and advanced sign up is encouraged. Minimum sign up is required for this workshop to run and space is limited.

Qi Gong & Tai Chi For Better Balance/Drop-In Rate

This all-levels class will draw on the ancient practices of the healing art of Qigong and the martial art of Tai Chi. The practice will emphasize strengthening the foundational muscles necessary for a strong, stable base, which naturally helps us to become more efficient and balanced. Through an exploration of mechanics and energy, we will work towards more efficient and effortless movement. Participants will use gentle strengthening exercises and stretches that can be modified to build more balanced muscle tone and to improve  overall posture. Qigong and Tai Chi are also a beneficial addition to western forms of fitness, because of its emphasis on balancing the energies of body, mind, and spirit. In addition to functional gains, the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi can profoundly impact one’s feelings of wellbeing and can improve sleep quality. No Prior Experience Necessary.