For New Clients


Interested in psychotherapy or other services at Art of Awareness?

Please contact us via phone or email with any questions and/or to begin the new client referral process.  When you contact us, we will complete the New Client Referral Form with you by phone.  This process allows us to gather enough information to match you with one of our therapists or services.  If we have difficulty connecting with you by phone, we may ask you to complete the form and email, fax or mail it to us. Please see the Forms: New Clients page for more information about how to complete the referral form. Below please find additional information about starting services with us:

Inquiries/New Referrals for individual, couples and family therapy:

Please call (207) 799-1331 x102. When you contact us, we will complete the New Client Referral Form with you by phone, which typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. During this brief assessment, our staff will gather basic information about your treatment needs and preferences, as well as any relevant billing and insurance information. We are usually able to place new clients with a therapist within 7-10 days of their initial phone assessment.

Inquires/New Referrals for group therapy:

Please call (207) 799-1331 x102 for up to date information about our current group offerings. Groups generally require an initial assessment with one of the group facilitators prior to participating. Art of Awareness, Inc. requires all group members to also be actively participating in individual therapy. Clients may be seen for individual therapy by a therapist in the community or one at Art of Awareness.

Inquires/New Referrals for the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

Please call (207) 799-1331 x102. Individuals interested in participating in the IOP program must have an in-person IOP assessment with one of our therapists prior starting the IOP. In some instances, potential clients my also be required to have a medical evaluation by their Primary Care Physician, a medication review by their Psychiatrist, and/or a meal plan completed by their Nutritionist prior to admission. Please note, we do not take emergency admissions. Individuals needing urgent care are encouraged to seek care at an acute mental health care provider in their area.


For more information, please contact us:

Phone:  207-799-1331 x 102
Fax:       207-799-1350
Mail:      100 Waterman Drive, Suite 201, South Portland, ME 04106

Please be aware that we do not use an encrypted email service and thus cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any email we receive or send.